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Go Fast. Look Great. Save Money.

That’s what a clean boat does. And the best way to keep your boat’s hull or pontoons clean is with Drive-in Boatwash.

Because it’s convenient, fast and inexpensive, you can use it regularly to keep your boat – or fleet of boats – performing and looking like new.

Go Fast

A clean boat is an efficient boat. Consistent cleaning with Drive-in Boatwash helps maximize your boat’s performance, improving fuel efficiency and speed. Our customers have reported significant improvements in their boat’s efficiency after a boat wash. The cleaning process itself is also a lot faster – Drive-in Boatwash cleans most boats in about 15 minutes.

Look Great

Drive-in Boatwash provides a consistent clean every time. Our patented brushes are specifically engineered to clean the hull surface without damaging it. Regular use prevents fouling build up and stains, removes early stage barnacles and prevents future barnacles from growing – keeping your boat looking like new.

With Drive-in Boatwash, you’ll always look great cruising on the water.

Save Money

Drive-in Boatwash can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. You no longer need to hire divers to clean the hull or pay for scraping and sanding, hull etching or antifouling paint. A full-year membership to Drive-in Boatwash is roughly the same cost as a single paint application. You’ll also be saving money on fuel costs since your boat will be more efficient.

Boats are supposed to be FUN! With Drive-in Boatwash you can spend more of your time and money enjoying your boat, not maintaining it.

See what our customers are saying about their experience.

How It Works

Housed at local marinas, Drive-in Boatwash is an incredibly user-friendly way clean your boat.
Like a car wash for your boat, you pull into a Drive-in Boatwash machine and we do all the
work. Staff will secure and tie off your boat, then our patented rotating brushes will travel the
hull from bow to stern, removing fouling. Your boat stays in the water the entire time – no
lifting involved. In about 15 minutes, the hull of your boat is clean and you’re ready to go.

Because Drive-in Boatwash is so fast and convenient, it’s easy to keep your boat clean. Regular
cleaning is the easiest way to keep your boat looking like new and running at peak
performance. It’s recommended that you get a boat wash every 4-6 weeks depending on water
conditions in your area.

Drive-in Boatwash machines can clean most motorboats, sailboats and pontoons up to 53 ft.
and is also a great option for fleet maintenance. Most locations offer single wash and
membership options.

Contact or stop by your local Drive-in Boatwash location to get all the details and schedule a

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