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Drive-in Boatwash mechanical hull cleaning machines are changing the world of boat maintenance. Replacing the need to hire hull cleaning divers and apply anti-fouling paint, our automated boat washing system offers boat owners a more convenient, efficient and cost effective solution for boat cleaning. That makes Drive-in Boatwash a service that your customers – both personal boat owners and
those managing fleets – are going to want. (Check out our testimonials!) It also makes it a service that can set you apart from your competition and drive new business to your marina. Adding a Drive-in Boatwash machine to your marina can increase revenue and provide additional benefits for your business.

The Benefits

Attract customers (see boat owner benefits)
Create a safer working environment for employees
(no rigging, high pressure hull washing or sanding)
Quickly clean and prep boats prior to seasonal lifting or drystacking
Fewer chemicals in the marina area
(no chemicals or cleaning acids are used in the cleaning process)
Reduce the amount of toxins leaching into waterways
(no anti-fouling paint)

How It Works

The boat is moored in the Drive-in Boatwash machine’s U-shaped dock
Brush pressure is hydraulically controlled
The machine is operated by a hand held wireless remote control
The brushes move back and forth along the length of the boat, removing fouling
The total process takes about 15 minutes

Contact your area distributor to learn more about Drive-in Boatwash.

Drive-in Boatwash Machines

Available in five sizes, including a mobile unit, Drive-in Boatwash machines can clean most motorboats, sailboats and pontoons (up to 53 feet). The machines include a containment basin to collect fouling that’s removed.

Operation of the machines is very user-friendly. Every machine comes fully installed by Drive-in Boatwash certified technicians and includes all permitting and operator training.

Drive-in Boatwash machines have been tested and proven in a wide variety of water conditions, both fresh and salt. They come with a two-year limited warranty and financing is available for qualified buyers.

Contact your area distributor to select the right machine for your location.


Drive-in Boatwash’s BIGWASH hull cleaning machine has a U-shaped aluminum frame which floats in the water and is fixed to the dockside. It’s available in three sizes and can be connected to the dock by the long or short side.
Optional features for the BIGWASH machines include sailboat keel cleaning attachments, power wash*, reinforced collection basin capable of withstanding currents up to 9 knots, powered debris basin gate, and walkway safety rails.

BIGWASH machines require a single point power supply and fresh water source* (if selecting power wash option).

BIGWASH 16 Maximum boat size – 53 ft. long, 16 ft. wide, 7.8 ft. deep

BIGWASH 14 Maximum boat size – 46 ft. long, 16 ft. wide, 7.8 ft. deep

BIGWASH 12 Maximum boat size – 39 ft. long, 13 ft. wide, 7.8 ft. deep


The MINIWASH hull cleaning machine is a mobile unit attached to a trailer. Its mobility offers flexibility for location, storage, and changing water levels. The MINIWASH comes in two sizes capable of cleaning boats up to 32 ft. long and 8.5 ft. wide.

MINIWASH optional features include a ramp fixture for permanent installation, pontoon conversion, generator, and power wash.

MINIWASH machines require a single point power supply if the generator option is not included and fresh water source if the power wash option is selected.

Environmental Impact

The convenience and effectiveness of Drive-In Boatwash® facilitates excellent boat maintenance, and boat washing with DIB eliminates the need for divers to clean the hull and to apply toxic anti-fouling paint. DIB enables greater boat performance and speed with less fuel consumption and less CO2, and supports environmental regulation on antifouling. Mechanical brush washing is a recommended environmental strategy for antifouling elimination. Fouling is removed in a matter of minutes, and the debris is collected in a large basin underneath.
This user-friendly hull cleaning system saves both time and money for the boat owner, while generating an income stream for marina owner/operators. The system’s positive impact on the environment has rapidly gained recognition worldwide.

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